Pinnto Thai Food

We are Pinn TO Thai Food

We aim to provide a new experience to the roadside, to bring the fine tastes of authentic Thai food normally only to be found in restaurants.

 With our original taste of creamy coconut curries or hot and spicy dishes with thai herbs fresh vegetables that make thai food become original and exotic dishes

We use the finest quality products at a competitive price because we can come to you direct and no need for expensive seating areas.

Enjoy the experience at a fraction of the price and discover the pleasures of the fareast.

We are “PINN-TO” Thai food truck like to present the new generation of the way to serve food in the food truck. We choose the best of all Thai food dishes present in the price of food truck and as good as quality of the restaurant.

The tastes of Thai food as everyone knows has sweet, sour, salty, and hot and spicy. Everyone knows how delicious and healthy of Thai food are.

Our first priority is to make the food right and suit for everyone, but preserve authentic Thai.

Thinking of having Thai food, thinking about Pinn-To Thai Food Truck.

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